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February Blog February 01, 2011

I really never understood why Davey Crockett and Sam Houston left Tennessee for Texas…big mistake! We are so fortunate in Tennessee to have 3 distinct types of geography: the flat Delta of West Tennessee, the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee and the marvelous Smokies of East Tennessee. The whole state is a photographer's paradise. Some of the best sunsets in the world occur over the mighty Mississippi River and there are rivers, creeks and waterfalls to enjoy throughout the state. I spent a couple of days in East Tennessee in the Cades Cove area and nearby in the Great Smoky National Park and reveled in the beauty I saw at every turn. Early morning fog shrouded the mountains and quietly greeted the wild turkey and deer grazing in fields and woods. It was hard not to stop in the road every mile or so just to enjoy singing creeks and the cool shade of fern-packed glades. There are many trails, from easy to very strenuous, winding around the mountains. I missed seeing a couple of bears by minutes, according to others on one of the trails.

I loved seeing whole families hiking together, pausing in wonder at some of the waterfalls, stepping into the spray, but not minding getting wet. Few of us are really spontaneous any more. We carefully schedule every minute, even of our children's time, so it's gratifying to see that there are still some folks who realize the value of getting away from all the electronic gadgets and playing together outside. We live in a state that has incredible beauty, as do all our states. Just look around where you live and get outside the town or city and learn from what you see there.

These are just a sampling of what I saw in the mountains.