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Hawkeye Blog May 2017 May 06, 2017

The medina (walled city) of Fez, Morocco has two sections: the old part is 9th century and the "new" one is 14th century . No better contrast is seen of truly old and truly new than the array of satellite dishes perched on 9th century dwellings.

All through the medinas in Moroccan cities are the various souks, or markets, where the inhabitants shop daily for fresh produce, meat, fish, tools, clothing and anything else needed by the family. In Fez there was one souk obviously selling camel meat.

The medinas across the country often have lovely entry portals. Menkes is particularly famous for the gates at its entry points.

There are three sections of the Atlas Mountains across Morocco. The High Atlas is crossed traveling from Marrakesh to Taroudant. At a distance you can see the old caravan trail hugging the mountain walls.

Moroccan oil has become a well recognized ingredient in hair and cosmetic products. It is made from the nut of the argan tree in a small section of Morocco. Typically, women process the oil which involves a number of steps to get to the kernel at the heart of the nut. Alternatively, goats actually climb the trees, eat the nuts, expel the kernels at a later time. That is extracted, cleaned and processed into oil. Efficient goats.