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Hawkeye Blog March 2012 March 24, 2012

Few places in the world can claim the geologic splendor found in Arches National Park in southeastern Utah. The Entrada Sandstone that forms most of the 200 arches located in the park was created 140 million years ago. When the sunlight of dawn or dusk saturates the reddish orange of the sandstone it leaves an indelible picture in the minds of all who are fortunate to view it. Balanced Rock is very impressive, in part because of its isolation on the plateau: a stone exclamation mark.

Delicate Arch is the iconic logo of Arches. It commands a beautiful view of the La Sal Mountains and perches above a natural amphitheater.

Double Arch is the showpiece of The Windows section of the park and is huge, worthy of a Master Engineer.

Not far from Arches lies Dead Horse State Park. Dead Horse Point provides the perfect vantage place for viewing the Colorado River winding through the canyons.