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Hawkeye Blog March 2015 March 11, 2015

Often called the most beautiful walk in the world, the Milford Track on the south island of New Zealand does not disappoint. The 33 ½ mile trek takes four days of hiking, three of which are serious: 6-8 hours each day with various amounts of rocks to deal with. However, you couldn't see the spectacular scenery otherwise, unless by plane, so it's well worth the effort.

There are many kinds of ferns along the trail that create a magical atmosphere. Many waterfalls give you a reason to pause and enjoy their beauty and serve as a respite from the hiking.

The bush robin is a very friendly little bird that often hops up on backpacks that have been set down and tries to open them with his beak.

MacKinnon Pass is the highest point on the Milford Track at 3786 feet. There are mountain ponds, or tarns, towering rocks and mossy forest.

Then when you come to Milford Sound itself, the fiord is a gorgeous blue, a beautiful finale to a lovely hike.