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Hawkeye Blog April 2015 April 01, 2015

Some say the most beautiful island in the world is Bora Bora, part of French Polynesia, 2600 miles south of Hawaii. If it isn't, it is close. The brilliant, clear blue-green water there is mesmerizing.

The famous Broadway show and movie "South Pacific" recounted the American occupation of this paradise during World War II. There's even a restaurant here called "Bloody Mary's" memorializing that character and that song.

Most of the resorts house their guests in over-the-water huts or in sister huts strung out along the white beaches, interspersed with giant palm trees.

It is the perfect place to let go and relax. The island is only about 16 square miles and is aquacentric: snorkeling, diving, swimming, yolo boards, sailing are the main activities. But one can also just sit, read, meditate and watch the light at the end of the day illuminate Mount Otemanu, the highest point of this volcanic island.