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Hawkeye Blog September 2014 September 05, 2014

Hvar is a delightful island filled with lavender fields separated by dry stack stone walls that reflect how the area was farmed during both the Greek era and prehistoric times. The Adriatic lapping Hvar's shoreline seems startlingly blue on beautiful sunny days. As other towns along the Dalmatian coast, Croatia is blessed with bountiful, bougainvillea contrasting pleasingly with the stone walls and wooden shutters of its various towns.

Split gained some importance in 305 AD when the Roman Emperor, Diocletian arrived after having his palace built as a summer residence. Gradually, over time, the palace became a town into itself. A modern day wonder in Split is the Museum of the works of Ivan Mestrovic, a world renowned Croatian sculptor. Croatia has much to offer in the way of natural beauty, charming villages, historical significance and lovely people.