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Hawkeye Blog September 2018 September 23, 2018

Murmuration is an astonishing phenomenon where thousands of birds fly in synch together as of one mind. Redbilled queleas are a type of weavers and sometimes fly in such concentrated numbers it would appear they would knock one another out of the sky in the Okavango Delta.

On a morning game drive we heard the literal scream of an elephant, followed by more screams and trumpeting. A dust storm appeared over the nearby trees. Our driver gunned the jeep. We were afraid something had attacked a baby elephant. As we got nearer the screen of dust we saw a hyena slinking away from its aborted attempt and being followed by enraged adult elephants.

Later we ran across a lioness and her two nearly grown daughters. One had grabbed up a stick and carried it around much as a house cat would with a toy.

Our guide tracked an elusive leopard after hearing the warning call of a kudu. We couldn't believe as we flew through so much brush in the jeep that he finally located the youngster easily camouflaged by the undergrowth.

A pride of 9 lions near our second camp in the Delta took down a zebra during the night. We were able to observe them early in the morning as they gorged themselves on the fresh kill.