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Hawkeye September 2015 September 01, 2015

Although everyone coming to Africa wants to tick off the Big Five: the Cape Buffalo, Rhino, Elephant, Lion & Leopard, there are fascinating smaller creatures to observe and take delight in. Bat-Eared Foxes are usually nocturnal, but occasionally you get lucky and see a pair of them lolling in the short grasses of the plains of Tanzania. Primarily they eat insects, small birds and eggs that they discover.

The wart hogs are pretty sturdy fellows, but this one may have realized he took the wrong turn when he looked over to see the male cheetah eyeing him.

There are many exotic birds, especially predators. The Long-Crested Eagle is a small eagle that feeds on rodents.

It is still exciting to see the large herds of elephants making their away across the Serengeti. It's amazing how quietly they can do this, considering an adult may weigh 11,000-13,000 lbs. each.

So many beautiful sunsets punctuate the end of the days in Tanzania.